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SmileOnU provides light to hardship
cases giving them a new smile and
sense of worth.

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A new start, a new smile

Our Mission

As a nonprofit organization, our focus is to provide dental services to those who are in desperate need of oral health assistance. Some of the services we provide are oral implants, crowns, and reconstructive surgery.

Who We Are

SmileOnU currently serves clients in the Orange, San Diego and Los Angeles counties. We are supported by a team of volunteer dentists and donations from dental supply companies and laboratories.

Meet the Founder

BB Maboby Bahadarakhann was born in a refugee camp in Thailand from parents of Pakistani and Cambodian descent. At ten-months old, BB and her family moved to the US where she grew up in Chicago, IL.

Become A SmileOnU Dentist

SmileOnU makes the connection between those in need and the SmileOnU Dentist in their area of expertise. Learn more!